Monday, June 20, 2011

Multiple Personality Disorder As A Lifestyle Choice

If I don't write something today, who knows when I will. It's difficult. Pluto is transiting conjunct my natal Descendant (7th degree, Capricorn), and simultaneously opposing my partner's natal Venus. That's as much as I'm prepared to share about it in this place. But it occupies my mind, and I'm well enough acquainted with Pluto to know that he won't just go away if you ignore him.

I'll have to change the style of my blogs if I'm going to keep writing. I just don't have the sustained concentration needed to develop ideas in essay form. Unfinished drafts are piling up. So I'll try sharing ideas and observations in a less formal way.

One of those abandoned posts was about online identities and their relationship with the "real world" incarnations that create them. The title of this post: "multiple personality disorder as a life-style choice", is a phrase in "The Invisibles" graphic novel series by Grant Morrison. It referred to a trend of the future (circa 2012). It occurred to me though, that that phrase would also describe the adoption of online identities.

I know some people get all bent out of shape over the use of screen-names. I've heard it said that screen-names reflect a lack of courage or integrity. Apparently the people who say those things have never had to deal with stalkers, (my reason, initially, for not using my "real" name). But aside from that, what makes the name your parents gave you more real than one you gave yourself?

It's been my experience for quite a while that 13 Muluc isn't Amanda, in much the same sense that Thomas A. Anderson isn't Neo in "The Matrix". Have you ever noticed that in the movie, Neo has no close friends or family? 13 Muluc doesn't either. 13 Muluc and Amanda do occasionally stray into one another's territory, but they're definitely not the same person. It's only proper that they should have different names. I couldn't even say which of the two incarnations is more real. They both are. Sometimes one is ascendant, sometimes the other. Right now, it's Amanda. Perhaps she needs a blog of her own.