Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Know Your Enemy (part 1)

These protests sweeping the globe today, what are they about? I've heard a number of different answers. Some say it's the greedy bankers, some the corporations, or the corrupt government officials, or the monetary system, and these are all part of the problem. There is a more basic culprit, though. Failure to address this underlying cause will, in time, nullify any other gains. It always has before.

Essentially, our enemy is the tyrant. A tyrant is one who rules others by force, or the threat of force. You can't fight tyranny by opposing it. The only way to be free of tyrants is to remove the conditions that support their existence. The existence of the tyrant depends on that of the slave. They are two sides of the same coin. Neither can be without the other. It is a mistake to believe that the tyrant is guilty and the slave blameless. Living under tyrannical rule doesn't make you a slave; your willing cooperation does.

If we wish to be free of tyrants, we must cease to be slaves. It's the only thing that will serve. It should be our foremost concern as individuals. If you have lived your whole life under the rule of tyrants, your mind is full to brimming with slave-programming. You need to become aware of it in order to remove it. The following are descriptions of slave-programs, which you may, or may not, be conscious of.

One justification for money is: "Those who contribute most to society should receive commensurate rewards." I refuted this belief on the grounds of morality in "The Way of the Gift". It is also an example of slave-programming in that it disguises awareness of the socio-economic injustice of the tyrant/slave relationship. In practice, it is very, and increasingly, unlikely that you can ever become wealthy enough to comfortably stop earning an income. The main way you become rich is to have rich parents, or marry a rich person. Alternatively, you could be a genius, or a psychopath, or the winner of a lottery or a large legal settlement. None of these is within your control, and even if acheived, your wealth would be peanuts compared with that of the top tyrants on this planet. And it is frankly insane to argue that anyone's contribution is that much more valuable than anyone else's.

Another belief that justifies money is: "People won't work unless they have to. People won't do anything beyond what's barely necessary without "incentives". That belief is also slave-programming. It is very widely believed because it appears to be true within any society based on a tyrant/slave dynamic. Most people can recall instances where irresponsible members of a group became a drain on the others, causing resentment and disharmony. If you train a dog to salivate at the sound of a bell, it does not logically follow that it is in the nature of dogs to salivate when they hear a bell. If you condition a human being to out-source responsibility to an external authority, which you must do with slaves, he will behave irresponsibly. That doesn't mean all humans are naturally like that. Sovereign human beings, meaning those who choose to be neither slaves or tyrants, are aware of their responsibilties as well as their rights. (Too bad libertarians aren't.) The effect of this programming is to get the slave to believe he needs the tyrant.

To be continued.


  1. I like where this seems to be going - yes, there are tyrants at every turn pre-programmed to bully us - if we let them! Yes indeed, "we must cease to be slaves".

    Looking forward to part 2....

  2. Hi Deepian.
    Yes, these slave-programs are everywhere, almost like the air we breathe and ironically, that's what makes them so hard to see.
    In Lak'ech.

  3. Hi Mulac,
    Glad to see you posting again!
    The protests are a wonderful thing to behold. Even if the message is mixed and the aims are a bit unclear, it shows that the various systems of silencing and control are not as effective and all pervasive as TPTB think they are.

    You are totally right about awareness being crucial... that and rediscovering self purpose are the ways forward.
    Look forward to Part 2.

    All The Best!
    Carl (The Truth Seeker's Guide)

  4. Hi Carl.
    It is heartening to finally see significant numbers of relatively sane people coming together this way. I just hope the majority won't settle for promises of better treatment from their masters instead of real freedom. Right now, the message sounds a little too much like, "Something must be done," if you know what I mean. TPTB are master strategists, so we can't afford to be careless. Still, fingers crossed! ;)
    In Lak'ech.

  5. >> People won't work unless they have to.

    As we all know, poor people won't work unless they're starving. Rich people won't work unless they get $m bonuses. ;D

  6. LOL. I sure wish rich people would quit going to work.

  7. Hi Muluc,

    Without wanting to interfere in any way and without being deeply into the topic, this piece I just came across might be of interest as an addition to the tyrant-slave dichotomy (Economy, I almost want to write...)

    extraordinary talents

  8. Hi D-J.
    I'd never interpret comments as interference. Please say what ever you like. I'm not sure how you see these subjects as connected. Could you elaborate?

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